From the W&L Campus Garden to Your Plate

foods to keep on hand

Did you know that W&L has a Campus Garden? Our half-acre plot on back campus grows food for Dining Services and for Campus Kitchen! We do this because we feel that it’s important for our community to have access to healthy, locally grown food. And what is more local than from our own campus? When food is locally sourced, the following benefits can be found:

  • Produce is picked at the peak of its freshness, so it tastes better.
  • It’s healthier! Because it’s picked only when it’s ripe, more of its nutrients are available when you eat it.
  • You appreciate it more. Local, vine-ripened tomatoes picked during their growing season taste so much better than tomatoes grown 3,000 miles away and picked well before they’re ripe. Think about how much more enjoyable that tomato is!
  • Local food sourcing supports your local economy. More of the dollar spent stays in the area and supports your neighbors.
  • It’s better for the planet! Produce doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles to get to you, so there is less reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, supporting your local food system maintains the farmland and open space in your area.
  • You can actually know the person who grew the food and can ask them questions about how the food was produced. Here at W&L, we grow all of the food in the garden using organic methods. No chemicals allowed.

How do you get food from our Campus Garden? We take it to various venues on campus: the Marketplace, Fieldside Restaurant and Pub, the eCafe, and to University Catering. So if you’ve had a Tree Frog smoothie lately from the eCafe, it’s likely you’ve eaten spinach grown on our very own campus!

If you’d like to know more about and/or volunteer in the Campus Garden, feel free to get in touch with the Office of Sustainability:

Nicole Poulin, Campus Garden Manager, [email protected]
Kim Hodge, Director of Sustainability, [email protected]