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W&L Fitness Center

Settled into your New Year?  Don’t forget Fitness!As the school year continues, remember the Fitness Center!  Just 30 minutes a day can help reduce stress, improve your immune system, and increase your mental acuity! ...
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From the Outing Club

Check out the “Outdoor Skills 101” series this term as well as a Sunset Club and “Best of the OC Guidebook” series of hikes. All info can be found on our website:
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A no-sweat guide to the most popular workouts

Rate this article and enter to winThe benefits of exercise are boundless, even if your capacity to actually fit a workout into your schedule has limits. But carving out a balance between the gym...
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How to have an actively awesome summer: Turn your fitness dreams into reality

Rate this article and enter to winWe tend to anticipate summer as if it’s a magical stress-free season in which we finally get to do all the things. In a recent Student Health 101...
Attitude adjustment: How to work it so you can work out more

Attitude adjustment: How to work it so you can work out more

Rate this article and enter to winStruggling to start strength training, slay the cardio combat class, or even prioritize a walk on a sunny day through flowering meadows? We’ve all been there. Many of...
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Take it outside: 7 ways to get active with nature

Rate this article and enter to winWould you rather watch The Walking Dead on a treadmill or feel like you’re part of it on a trail run? It’s better for us to take that...
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Your fall fitness fix: How & why to make it happen

Rate this article and enter to winMoving much? Ninety percent of college students say physical activity makes their life better (two-thirds said much better), according to a recent Student Health 101 survey. Consistent physical...
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Fitness for focus: How to power up your brain

Rate this article and enter to winIf an exam or assignment deadline is too close for comfort and your study session has become a brutal slog, you may feel you don’t have time for...
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Not feeling it?: How to get moving when you just don’t wanna

Rate this article and enter to winSure, working out is good for us, but what if we’re just not in the mood? As in, totally not in the mood. Is there hope?Yes. Research shows...
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Lower abs routine

%CODE1%Leg flutters: Begin on your back with your knees hugged into your chest. Release by relaxing your arms by your sides and have your legs float up in the air, feet flexed. With your...